New Vote Fraud Identified?

Using #gatewaypundit Virginia fraud numbers, is this even more fraud? The “batch” votes don’t add up correctly.  Both Biden & Trump got more votes added than were in batch votes. 

This is on top of the already identified obvious issues: no such thing as fractional votes, negative votes, big dumps for Biden in the early morning.  Here's TGP's original data image: 

Gateway Pundit Virginia Vote Fraud

I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that the batch vote would be added to the previous total for a new total vote.  If that was true the totals for Biden and Trump would look like this: 

Modified from TGP

But that's not what the data shows.  Biden got an extra 115,065.60 votes while Trump got an extra 125,342.51, or over 240,000 extra votes total in the timeframe shown.  And, yes, you read that right - Trump got extra votes too.  What I think this shows is fat-fingered hand-jamming the data in when the thieves - er, umm, "tabulators" - had to "correct" the algorithm.  

The four rows with red show where the new vote total for Biden and Trump exceed adding the candidate's batch total for that time stamp to their previous total vote.  Here's a more focused view: 

The top row of red and the bottom two rows of red just show differences between the expected results and the results pulled from Edision as shown by TGP.  You can look at it as either excess numbers were mysteriously added to both candidate's totals or as the batch of votes being added being below what it "really" was.  For example in the first row Biden got 7,939.67 more votes added than his displayed batch votes while Trump got 14,358.71 more.  

But the really weird one is the second red row:

This one could only have been done by a human, and a human that screwed up manipulating the data.  Accord to the batch, Biden should have "lost" (how no one knows) 330,153.34 votes but he only lost 229,660.42 votes.  Trump's batch shows him losing 37,510.39 votes but he instead GAINED 63,358.51 votes! And while I have no knowledge of how that happened, I did work out a simple scenario that explains all but 3.31 votes in the Biden discrepancies:

This is the Total Batch data   (367,663.73)
This is the Biden Batch data right by Total Batch   (330,153.34)
You look at Biden Batch, see this  3-3-0
You shift fingers to left, type this 2-2-9
You look back at Total Batch instead of Biden Batch 6-6-3.73
You type this 6-6-0.42
Leaves this percent unaccounted for 0.00090%

I'm willing to bet a CupOfConservative coffee that's what happened.  

Of course, the Ministry of Truth tells us it's "just a glitch, nothing to see here, move along."  The "move along part is critical because if you stop and think for a nanosecond You might start asking questions like:

  • How did they find the glitch? What clued them in?
  • Who, specifically, found the glitch?
  • How did they determine which ballots suffered from the glitch and which didn't?
  • Who verified that there was a glitch?  Who verified the determination of glitched and non-glitched votes?  
  • Who verified that this glitch wasn't occurring at other sites or at other times?  
  • Who came up with the solution? Who double checked the solution to be sure it worked?  
  • How could all these ballots be reviewed in just a few minutes?  
  • Who is John Gault?

Okay, maybe not the last question.  

To me, the only explanation for all the above is fraudulent manipulation of the votes.  Can someone tell President Trump's legal team?   


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